Mission Critical AppliCationS

in TETRA Digital Networks

and LTE/5G Broadband Networks

are our Daily Business

AIO-Dispatch & App Solution

The AIO-Dispatch & APP Solution is a Multidevice PTT Mission Critical Communication System. The well-known and effective group functions from the PMR characterize our VoIP solution. In addition, the system IS supplemented with powerful data services and many other functionalities to give you a modern and secure IP-based communication system. Our different editions are tailored to your specific requirements and scenarios.

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Group Call

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TETRA Line Edition

The TETRA Line Edition is a dispatcher, console and app ecosystem for the TETRA radio system ACCESSNET®-T IP. The AIO-Dispatch & App Solution includes applications for various device types (PC, table consoles, smartphones and tablets). These applications have all the functions to perform dispatching tasks in the system powerful and efficiently. The service oriented architecture offers a future proof platform for voice and broadband data services as well as IoT applications.

TETRA Radio Edition

The TETRA Radio Edition is a dispatch, console and app ecosystem that extends an existing TETRA radio system to an IP (LAN, WAN, WLAN, LTE/5G) based network. The solution's features are based on the radio manufacturer's PEI features. The connection to the TETRA network is via the PEI interface. Supported manufacturers: Motorola, Sepura and Hytera. The TETRA Radio Edition includes applications for various device types (desktop PC, mobile case solution, table consoles, smartphones and tablets).

Remote M Edition

The TETRA Remote M Edition is a remote control application that maps the operation of a Motorola TETRA mobile radio 1:1. The advantage of mapping the original user interface ensures that the user is immediately familiar with the app operation. The simultaneous multiplexing of the user interface and the audio of the mobile device to multiple end devices (consoles, tablets and smartphones) makes this solution unique.


PoC Edition

The PoC Edition is a dispatch, console and app ecosystem that maps the well-known PTT group functions from the PMR to private or public broadband networks (LAN; WAN; WLAN, LTE/5G).The edition is enhanced with powerful data services. In addition to our standard device types (desktop PC, table consoles, smartphones and tablets), the PoC Edition includes special PoC end device hardware.



The AIO Dispatcher Windows application has a modern user interface that can be operated comfortably by the user using the mouse or touch. The excellent audio quality and extensive audio accessories characterize the AIO dispatcher.


The AIO Console combines SIP telephony and radio control in a compact desktop phone. Direct radio operation at the workplace conserves channel resources in the radio system and optimizes in-house coverage.


The AIO apps transform your smartphone or tablet (Android & iOS) into a remote 1 to 1 TETRA digital radio or into a modern, convenient PTT app that allows you to directly participate in the group communication of your radio subscribers.


The AIO-POC devices expand our AIO Dispatch & App Solution into a complete, self-sufficient IP-based radio system. The user get all of the usual PMR functionalities in a familiar "radio" with a physical PTT button like on a digital radio.